setting up reverse dns linux

EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0 -- Quick Start Guide; Prev: Chapter 6. Guardian Digital . Setting up a Reverse DNS Zone. Setting up a reverse zone is just as easy as setting up a forward .

I have a small ISP that we do custom hosting for small companies in the area, for years we used MS DNS and IIS and just recently

setting up reverse dns linux

due to a change in the law replaced .

Hi, I've set up a new RedHat 9 server and am configuring DNS. It's working for the most part but I get the following error when loading my reverse DNS zone: dns_rdata .

. week, we looked at the beginnings of setting up a dynamic DNS . IP address, and automatically setting up reverse dns linux set up the setting up reverse dns linux forward and reverse DNS names . each Tuesday, TechRepublic

Hi, I was having problem with setting up reverse DNS entries for my IP address. the IP provider has agreed to relay their reverse query to 2 nameserver ns1.domain .

In "Setting up a DNS server under Linux, part 1: The configuration," I discussed the initial setup . This distinction is important when you

C:Documents and SettingsUser>nslookup Address: Name . used to also check if an IP address has a proper Reverse DNS set up for it. Reverse DNS lookup in Linux

Debian GNU/Linux Network Administrator's Manual . DNS Server, Section 8.4 for information on setting up a working DNS . arpa" with the proper subnet you will perform reverse DNS .

Today we will have a look at setting up a DNS server on Linux. This tutorial was configured using . etc/bind/zones/

Linux Forums > Server Operation . Hi, I want to make sure I set up reverse DNS correctly for my domain/ip and DNS . I think I need
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